Abdi Nor Iftin

Writer, The Telling Room

Abdi Nor Iftin
Abdi Nor Iftin is a current member of The Telling Room, a non profit writing center in Portland, Maine. Abdi’s story was shared in real-time on This American Life in July 2015, and it was a 2015 Peabody story finalist. Abdi is currently working on his own book project, named “Call me American”, which will be released later in 2016. Abdi has contributed to Refugees International, American Public Media and the BBC. He told his own stories as a refugee in Kenya and Somalia. His stories have been documented on several media outlets that have touched the hearts and minds of many people across the world. Abdi is a natural story teller. As a former refugee, a recent immigrant to the US, and a Muslim, Abdi is frequently asked to speak at public events, including TEDx and universities. Abdi has just finished a radio producing workshop in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and hopes to advance his story telling skills to the next level.


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