Aline Pennisi

Public Policy Analyst, Technical and Scientific Committee OpenCoesione

Aline Pennisi

Aline is an public policy analyst, working at the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance.
Interested in experimenting ways to bring the management of democracy back into the public realm, she has been actively promoting open data and civic monitoring projects.

She participates to one of Italy’s major open government initiatives, OpenCoesione.
This open data portal accounts for over hundreds of thousand ongoing projects financed by EU structural funds and targeted national resources, worth approximately 10 billion euros per year. Through the publication of open, detailed and high-quality information on individual projects, OpenCoesione reaches out for citizen engagement.
It is further powered by Monithon, a tool for civic partners and individual citizens to press forward and report on malpractice, but also to collaborate in making all these projects work, by accelerating their completion and understanding how they respond to local demand.

Aline is also vice-president of the Openpolis association, committed to enable free access and understanding of public information on political activities, as well as on public finance.


September 29, 2014
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