Anne Wizorek

Nerdette and Berlin Digital Strategy Consultant

Anne Wizorek
Anne Wizorek is the founder and editor-in-chief of, a German blog about feminism, politics, media criticism, nerdery and pop culture, whose content is driven by <3. Wizorek's activism focuses on education around rape culture and gender equity, and she uses online tools to achieve offline social change.

In 2011, Wizorek was part of a team that brought the Slutwalk protest to Berlin. Most recently, she started the highly visible #aufschrei (#outcry) Twitter hashtag movement, which brings everyday sexism and sexual harassment to light.

Wizorek is a former co-organizer of re:publica, Germany’s premier online/social media conference. When she isn’t busy making the world a better place, Wizorek advises corporations and non-profits on social media strategies as a freelance digital media consultant.
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