Armel Le Coz

Designer for Local Government, Creator of Parlément et Citoyens

Armel Le Coz
A freelance designer, Armel Le Coz is passionate about strategies of open government, based on principles of transparency, participation and collaboration. He is a consultant on design and innovation for local government, associations and enterprises.

Le Coz is co-founder of Démocratie Ouverte (Open Democracy), a community where he engages in conversations on a more effective and accountable democracy. He is the creator of Parlément et Citoyens (Parliament and Citizens), a policy collaborative platform that allows citizens and deputies to work together on bills.
A member of FING (Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération), he’s particularly involved in the Innovations DémocraTIC program. He is also co-founder of parTICipation citoyenne (Citizen participation), “a toolbox of experiences and ideas” for participatory democracy.

Le Coz studied in France and Canada and he’s engaged in everything innovative in opengov, open data, collaborative economy, crowdsourcing and innovation in economic models.


June 14, 2014
June 13, 2013
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