Becky Bond

President, CREDO SuperPAC

Becky Bond
Becky Bond is the president of the CREDO Super PAC and the political director of CREDO Mobile. Becky has been at the forefront of the online to offline organizing movement since she joined CREDO in 2000, building CREDO Action into one of the biggest progressive organizations in the country with over 3.3 million members. CREDO's work combines innovative technology, rapid response, measurable results, volunteer engagement and a passionate commitment to winning progressive victories.

Becky heads up CREDO's electoral work and led CREDO's 2004 effort to register over 1 million progressive voters and ran the "Hell No on 23" winning statewide ballot initiative campaign in California in 2010. And most recently, Becky ran CREDO Super PAC’s “Take Down the Tea Party Ten” Campaign, where Bond employed data-driven field operations to defeat five of the most extreme Tea Party Republicans in Congress. She serves on the boards of the New Organizing Institute and
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