Benoît Thieulin

Chairman, France National Digital Council; CEO and Managing Director, La Netscouade

Benoît Thieulin
Benoît Thieulin is the founder and managing director of the industry-leading Digital and Social Media Agency La Netscouade ( In 2013, he was appointed chairman of the official Conseil National du Numérique / French Digital Council.

As a social web expert, Benoît Thieulin has been an active witness of the deep changes introduced by the digital revolution in communications and society since the beginning of the 2000s.

As managing director of La Netscouade, Benoît Thieulin takes part in designing innovative communications platforms making a creative use of social media for Government, Media and corporate communications. He recently contributed to the design of the the French Government open-innovation platform Benoît was one of the creators of, a leading collaborative independent online media, and now focuses on the interactions between social media and TV. He is advising several private companies on their digital transformation strategies.

In 2007, Thieulin directed the presidential candidate Ségolène Royal’s digital campaign. As a member of the think tank Terra Nova, Benoît played a key role in a 2009 mission aiming at fact-finding innovation in the US presidential campaign.
Former manager in the French Government’s digital communications, he played a critical role in helping the Prime Minister’s services to shift to social media practices.

Benoît teaches Empowerment through technology in the Paris Institute of Political Science Sciences Po.


June 14, 2014
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