Chris Maddox

CEO, Seneca Systems

Chris Maddox
Chris Maddox is co-founder and CEO of Seneca Systems, a mission-driven product company dedicated to empowering public servants. Their Romulus CRM helps cities manage constituent requests, with customers including Oakland, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Detroit, and Columbus. Before Seneca Systems, Chris was the 6th employee at ZenPayroll, leading their culture from 9 to 70 employees. He championed and built their charitable donations feature as well as architecting their partner API to integrate the SMB back-office.

As a company founder, Chris is passionate about culture, employee happiness, and doing the right thing regardless of difficulty. He studied Philosophy at Hamilton College, concentrating in existentialism and happiness before dropping out. He took one Computer Science class at Stanford and received an A+.

His favorite animal is the octopus for its independence, alien intellect, and cheerful curiosity. Chris lives in San Francisco, CA.


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