Chris Worman

Director of Communications and Special Projects, TechSoup Europe

Chris Worman
Christopher Worman, Director of Communications and Special Projects for TechSoup in Europe, began working in civil society in the late ‘90s. After moving to Romania with Peace Corps in 2006 and starting Romania’s Community Foundation movement, Chris brought TechSoup Global into Romania in 2009. Nearly $7 million in support to civil society has since been delivered through TechSoup and the organization has grown rapidly through creative Challenge processes like and which source, accelerate and develop web-based ideas for social change. These projects are considered to have bridged the gap between citizens and a predominantly institutional and disconnected civil-society paradigm, reaching more than 200,000 individuals, directly engaging 10,000 and launching a dozen new sites which challenge Romanians to engage in discussions and actions for a more open society in this nominal democracy.


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