Christine Cupaiuolo

Civic Engagement Fellow, Civic Hall's Rethinking Debates

Christine Cupaiuolo
Christine Cupaiuolo is the Civic Engagement Fellow leading Civic Hall's Rethinking Debates project. She reports on how political debates around the world are using innovative formats and social media, focusing on examples that help make these crucial public events more informative, engaging, and responsive to the concerns of voters.

Her work has focused on digital media, both as a strategist for nonprofits and foundations and as a writer and editor covering political and cultural issues. She was the managing editor of the 2011 edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves and provided editorial direction for the book's parent organization and website, focusing on the politics of women’s health. She previously created ms.musings, Ms. magazine's first blog on women, media, and culture, and later became the magazine's online editor.

As a contributing editor to Spotlight, an online publication covering the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning Initiative, she wrote about the latest news and academic research on social networks, gaming, maker culture, and digital/media literacies. In 2000, she founded and edited, a magazine on the intersections of pop culture and politics featuring essays and reporting by journalists, academics, and cultural critics.

She has also worked as a researcher/writer for C-SPAN and as a news reporter for the Rutland Herald and a New York weekly. Her writing and investigative reporting, including a federal death penalty case based on an internet-related murder, have been recognized by the Vermont and New York press associations.


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