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Personal Democracy Forum Conference 2005 Rocked!


Thank you to all who attended this year's PDF Conference! It was a great success thanks to you. Please check the site soon for conference video clips. In the meantime, be sure to download our series of conference podcasts, check out photos from the event, view conference video clips read portions of the Main Hall Back Chat and read conference coverage below.

PDF Conference Fires Up Panelists and the Peanut Gallery
by Kate Kaye
This year's Personal Democracy Forum Conference was truly a multimedia meeting of minds, where panelists and attendees spent as much time networking in-person as they did online. The conference goal: to frame the ongoing evolution of technology and media and their impact on our political lives. Perhaps PDF founder Andrew Rasiej put it best during his opening remarks when he proclaimed boldly, “If you want to know what’s coming next, the answer starts here.”
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Fear and Loafing in NYC
by Chris Nolan
Chris spent her PDF '05 time in the trenches: sipping coffee and gabbing with attendees. Get her take on this year's event.
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Press Coverage
Insurgents of Labor, Unite!
The Nation, 5/16/05
Podcasts go broadcast
MarketWatch, May 16
CNN’s Inside Politics, 5/16/05
Internet and Politics: U.S. Style Report from the Personal Democracy Forum in New York City
OhMyNews, 5/16/05
Consultants: Politicos Coming Around On Online Ads
Mediapost, 5/17/05

Blog Coverage
BuzzMachine.com, 5/16/05 and 5/17/05
HughHewitt.com, 5/16/05
Blinq, 5/16/05
Bayosphere, 5/16/05
WorldChanging, 5/20/05

Personal Democracy Forum 2005 is the premier event for political leaders, activists and operatives; technologists, journalists and futurists and anyone else looking for strategic understanding and market opportunities in the evolving world of technology-driven politics.

The Annual Personal Democracy Forum Conference features an energizing cross-section of keynote speakers, brief high-impact presentations, single-topic workshops and issue-driven panels.
Speakers include:

• Tucker Eskew, Eskew Strategy Group • Dan Gillmor, Grassroots Media Inc.
• Hugh Hewitt, Salem Radio Network • Jennifer 8. Lee, New York Times
• Rebecca MacKinnon, RConversation.com • Markos Moulitsas, DailyKos
• Craig Newmark, Craigslist • Andy Stern, SEIU
• Michael Turk, RNC eCampaign Director • Dianah Neff, CIO, Philadelphia
and more...

Participate in this growing network of politicians, executives, bloggers, activists, and technologists who are reinventing democracy and civic engagement.
Hear from top Internet strategists of both parties, leading political bloggers, net strategy vendors, and the rising outsiders who are shaking up politics as usual.
Topics include:

  • How Technology is Changing the Inside of Political Campaigns
  • Best Practices in Online Organizing
  • Blogs as Message Movers and Collaboration Engines
  • Net-Centric versus Top-Down Campaigns
  • The Future of Distributed Activism and Distributed Journalism

Understand the emerging trends and applications that are changing the relationships between candidates, voters, advocacy organizations and the media.

* Tentative

View PDF's Conference Press Release.

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