PdF Conference 2007 At-a-Glance

The Personal Democracy Forum Conference, an intensive one-day event, will take place on May 18th, 2007 at the Pace University in New York City. It a stimulating cross-section of high-impact presentations, one-on-one interviews, keynote-level talks, moderated panel discussions and breakout workshops led by industry experts.


Schimmel Hall

Multi-Purpose Room

Breakout A

Breakout B



Andrew Rasiej


Free Culture, Free Politics
Lawrence Lessig, Professor of Law, Stanford University


Keynote Conversation with Eric Schmidt and Thomas Friedman



Video: The best political web videos


Online Politics: A Demographic Look at Who's Doing What

Lee Rainie


Politics is Flat I: What Happens When a Billion People Own the Means of Production of Ideas?

Yochai Benkler


Politics is Flat II: What Happens When We All Have A Dog's Hearing?

Thomas Friedman


Practitioners of Flat Politics
Micah Sifry

Reinventing Media in a Flat Age

Arianna Huffington

Digital Handshakes on Virtual Receiving Lines

danah boyd

Taking Facebook By Storm: The Million Strong for Barack Story

Farouk Olu Aregbe

The Making of the Netroots

Matt Stoller

Is it Time to Flip the Funnel?

Seth Godin




Navigating the New Media System

Esther Dyson (moderator), Mike Connell, Walter Fields, Jeff Jarvis, Jay Rosen

Is Cyberspace Colorblind? Race, Ethnicity, and Identity Online

Ruby Sinreich (moderator), John Aravosis, Cheryl Contee, Anil Dash, Chris Rabb, Liza Sabater

Embracing Voter-Generated Content: Risks and Benefits

Ellen Miller (moderator),
Jeff Berman, Josh Marshall, Eli Pariser,
Steve Urquhart

What Will Washington Do Next? Net Neutrality, Open Access, Copyright, etc.

Nancy Scola (moderator),
Jamie Brown, Adam Green, David McGuire


Political Money Online: Getting It and Spending It More Effectively

Peter Leyden (moderator), Henry Copeland, Becki Donatelli, Kim Malone, Ben Rahn

Web 2.0: Cult of the Amateur? A Debate

Josh Levy (moderator), Andrew Keen, Craig Newmark, Robert Scoble, Clay Shirky

Building Powerful Online Communities: Best Practices

Heather Holdridge (moderator),
Ian Bogost, Allison Fine, Matt Lewis,
James Rucker

E-Lessons from Overseas: Europe, Latin America and Australia

Michael Cornfield (moderator),
Jeremy Heimans, Jaime Aparicio, Molly Webb




The Online Video Revolution: Message-Jamming and Campaigns

David All (moderator), Jeff Crigler,
Steve Grove, Phil de Vellis, Robert Greenwald, Dina Kaplan

Idea Market (see topics and table hosts below)

Why Open Platforms Matter: A Conversation

Dave Winer in conversation with
Micah Sifry

Social Networks, Tipping Points and Organizing

Fred Stutzman (moderator),
Fred Gooltz, Chris Kelly, Sara Horowitz, Doris Spielthenner


DEMO: Meetup in 2008
Scott Heiferman


DEMO: Workers Online Unite!

Gina Glantz


DEMO: Politxt: Mobile Tools in Action

Jed Alpert


DEMO: Eventful.com: Politics on Demand

Brian Dear


DEMO: Change.org: Re-Organizing Activism Online

Ben Rattray


Closing Plenary: TechPresident E-Campaign Directors Roundtable

Peter Daou, Christian Ferry, Mindy Finn,
Josh Orton,
Joe Trippi
questioned byZack Exley and Mike Turk

Idea Market:

Converting Online Support to Offline Activism Bobby Clark
All Things Mobile Doug Busk
Nurturing Local Online Communities Michael Wood-Lewis
Tracking Money, Lobbying, and Votes Dan Newman and Sheila Krumholz
Successful Online Lobbying of Congress Susie Gorden
Tech Secrets of Political Geeks Deanna Zandt
RSS for Beginners Rick Klau
How Data Mining Wins Campaigns Brian Williams
Mapping & Marketing with Google Rena Shapiro and Lisa Green
Videoblogging in 5 Minutes Steve Garfield
Interoperability: Why it Matters Tate Hausman
The Practice of Distributed Reporting Jay Rosen
Fun with Political Mashups Greg Elin
Games for Change Suzanne Seggerman
Best Practices in Blogger Relations Todd Ziegler

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