Personal Democracy Forum Conference 2005 Video

If you missed the 2005 Personal Democracy Forum Conference, never fear! We've got the video. Click on the images below to download the clips in Quicktime:

The Future of Political Media
Clip featuring Chuck Defeo, Director of Online Strategy for Salem Communications, Arianna Huffington, Syndicated Columnist and Jay Rosen, Press Critic

Marvel as Jay explodes at Chuck. Delight as Arianna unintentionally gets the house roaring with her remark about "giving sex to children."

Introduction and Opening Keynote: Barn-Raising in the Empowerment Age
Clip featuring Scott Heiferman, CEO,

Catch Scott as he rallies the crowd, explains's recent fees and opines on the problems stemming from increasing isolation of individuals in our society.

Net-Savvy Campaigns: How Politics is Changing on the Inside
Clip featuring Mindy Finn, Deputy eCampaign Director, Republican National Committee

View Mindy as she discusses GOP ecampaign staffers, and their reflections on using the Internet for campaigns, concluding, "The impact is being felt...but there's still some selling to do."

Buzz, Blogs, and Beyond: A Study of The Internet and the National Agenda During the Fall of 2004
Clip featuring Michael Cornfield, Senior Research Consultant, Pew Internet & American Life, Jonathan Carson, President & CEO, BuzzMetrics and Dan Gillmor, Founder, Grassroots Media Inc.

Amaze as Dan Gilmor encourages Jonathan Carson to "open the kimono" on his company's proprietary technology.

Using the Net to Move Your Issues
Clip featuring Josh Marshall, Blogger, Hugh Hewitt, Columnist and Blogger, Markos Moulitsas, DailyKos Blogger, Christopher Rabb, Afro-Netizen Founder, and Carol Darr, Director of the Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet

Catch Kos as he takes issue with Darr, who argues that blogs exacerbate partisanship. Watch as the rest of the panelists weigh in, too.

Black Voting 2.0: African-American Community Online
Clip featuring Chris Rabb, Founder of Afro-Netizen, Liza Sabater, Culture Kitchen Blogger, and Omar Wasow, Executive Director,

Listen in as Chris and Liza take opposing sides regarding whether or not technology is helping to create a new black politic.

Rethinking Organizing
Clip featuring Andy Stern, President of the SEIU and Micah Sifry, Executive Editor of Personal Democracy Forum

Watch as Andy discusses his experimentation with using the Web to alter the way unions organize.

Civic Hall
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