Europe | Feb 1-2


PDF Poland & CEE took place in snowy Warsaw. Here are the venue addresses:

  • Personal Democracy Forum on Friday, February 1: Kino Praha, Jagiellońska 26.
  • Unconference (barcamp) on Saturday, February 2: Centrum Zielna, Zielna 37.
  • Party on Friday, February 1: Klub Bazar, Jagiellońska 13 (in front of Kino Praha, on the left)
  • Hotel Hetman, ul. Kłopotowskiego 36 (around the corner of Kino Praha)
  • Hotel Hit, Klopotowskiego 33 (around the corner of Kino Praha, in front of Hotel Hetman)
  • Reception for speakers on Thursday, January 31st at 7pm: Ambassador's Residence, ul. Ludwika Idzikowskiego 34 (Warszawa-Mokotów), invite-only

'Kino Praha' in Warsaw's ‘Praga North’ district. It’s an area where modernity and alternative culture meet the remains of a difficult post-soviet past. In the neighbourhood, you can see large shopping malls next to buildings destroyed in World War II. The cinema was at PDF PL-CEE participant's exclusive disposal. It has three movie theaters and halls filled with comfortable seating to provide an auspicious space for networking. It’s near the National Stadium, Vistula riverbank and just 5 min away by tram from the Old Town. It can be reached from the airport within 50-60 minutes by train or bus.

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