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Personal Democracy Forum 2013 has concluded, but the conversation continues. More info is below, but make sure to check out the archive and our continuing coverage of the conference at techPresident.

Think Bigger

This year, the theme is "Think Bigger." We've chosen it in part to honor our late friend Aaron Swartz, who used that phrase with PDM co-founder Micah Sifry, while asking, "Why not harness the power of the Internet to work on the larger-scale problems?" Why not, indeed. Read our blog post announcing the theme to learn more.

What is PDF?

Personal Democracy Forum is the world’s leading conference exploring and analyzing technology's impact on politics and government. Hundreds of individuals interested in how technology is changing politics, governance and society gathered for our special tenth year. It's been an incredible decade at the intersection of technology and politics, and yet it feels like we've only begun. For more information, you can join our mailing list.

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