David Binetti

Co-Founder and CEO, Votizen

David Binetti
David Binetti is Co-Founder and CEO of Votizen. He is also the co-creator of USA.gov, the official website of the US Government, which was named USA Today's Site of the Year for 2000. David is a recipient of Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government's "Innovations in American Government" award.

Votizen is a web service that allows you to discover how your friends on social networks are registered to vote, and campaign with them to elect candidates that share your values. Its heart is the over 200,000,000–strong social-media-ready voter database. USA.gov is the official US Goverment portal and one of the most useful sites on the Net.

His career began at Intuit, where he learned about marketing for startups as part of the 7-person team that created Quicken.com. He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and the business school at UCLA, and his wonderful family is first in his life.


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