Dino Amenduni

Head of New Media, Proforma

Dino Amenduni
Born in 1984, Dino Amenduni is Head of New Media and Communications consultant at Proforma, a communications agency set in Bari (in the south of Italy) that has been running the most successful advertising and communications campaigns in progressive politics for the past decade.
With Proforma, he worked on successful campaigns, both on local and national level, including those of Michele Emiliano (Mayor of Bari - 2009), Nichi Vendola (Puglia Region - 2010) Debora Serracchiani (Friuli Venezia Giulia Region - 2013 ). He also worked on the campaign of current PM Matteo Renzi in the Primaries of 2013. More recently, the agency was in charge of the successful campaign of the National Democratic Party in the 2014 European elections.

Dino is also a contributor for local newspapers of the Espresso Group, writing analysis on politics and political communication, as well as for online outlets like Valigia Blu.
He also teaches political communication and social media marketing all over Italy and he is part of the staff of the International Festival of Journalism in Perugia.

In spring 2013 Dino joined the training program of the U.S. State Department IVLP, traveling in Washington, Minneapolis, Denver and San Diego working on issues related to social entrepreneurship (third sector, nonprofit, Fundraising / Crowdfunding).

In his (very little) spare time he talks about music and collects inspiring quotes on his personal blog.

Dino lives and works in Bari, a beautiful city in the south-east of Italy.
He is the vice-captain of Real Katenaccio, a soccer team in the Bari suburbs - he is also in charge of writing players' ratings after each game in the team's blog.


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