Susana del Rio Villar

Susana del Rio Villar

Dr. Susana del Río Villar Belongs to the independent Experts Committee of the European Commission in Citizens and governance in the knowledge based society and Democracy in a supranational context since 2003.

She was an academic analyst in the Convention (European Parliament 2002) during the elaboration of her Doctoral thesis and Senior lecturer of the first Agora (EP). A Content Developer for the “European Citizens Consultations”, (2007) and Director of the group of experts in the “European Citizens Consultations” (2009). She is the author of numerous publications such as: Europa: el estado de la Unión, (2006) and Ciudadanía activa en Europa. Proceso participativo y nuevos espacios para la comunicación (2008). She is currently working on her new book in English, on civil society participation in the European Union and European communication towards the European Parliamentary elections in 2014.

Dr del Río is a Member of the Club of Rome, the Project leader on European governance, in the Institute for Democratic Governance (Globernance). Author of the Creative Idea and the Academic Director of the project: “Upgrading Europe 2012-2015.”

She holds a PhD in Political Sciences and Sociology and received a PhD Extraordinary Award in Social and Legal Sciences.


May 31, 2012
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