Dymitro Gnap

Investigative Journalist

Dymitro Gnap

Dmytro Gnap engaged in investigative journalism for the past five years. Ten years before that worked in television journalism in all positions: from reporter to editor-in-chief. As an investigative journalist he worked on the "Exclamation mark" TV program (TVi-channel). For this program he produced many resonant investigations: “Royal Hunt of Victor Yanokovych”, “Crimean Cedar for President”, “Prosecutros-Rogues” et al. Gnap also was a reporter for the top Ukrainian on-line media “Ukrainska Pravda”. These investigations not only interested the public, but forced the authorities to take appropriate action.

In investigations, Gnap specializes in two subjects: large scale corruption and serious crimes (murder, kidnapping, etc.). He is also one of the activists of the Ukrainian journalist movement “Stop Censorship!” Together with other members of this movement Gnap produces the independent internet broadcast “Hromadske.TV”. He's provided a number of trainings for young investigative journalists through programs with the US Embassy in Ukraine, European Council, MediaNext etc.


September 29, 2014
March 13, 2014
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