Erin Jo Richey

Digital Experience Strategist, Flat Frog Design

Erin Jo Richey
Erin Jo Richey is an independent user experience and digital strategy consultant based in Portland, OR. Through her consultancy, Flat Frog Design, she frequently collaborates with agencies and organizations on the design, execution, and optimization of online applications, interfaces, and interactive marketing campaigns. Erin has a strong interest in helping businesses measure and organize information. She specializes in the design of information-dense interfaces and customer experience strategies.

With an academic background in cognitive science and psychology, Erin has a strong interest in how people think and organize information. A veteran of the ecommerce world, Erin previously worked for top online retailers and ecommerce start-ups, in roles that included management, product development, and digital analytics. You can find her online at and on Twitter at @erinjo.


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