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Planned Parenthood and the Web

March 29, 2012

Heather Holdridge

In the last few years, Planned Parenthood, a 70 year old organization that provides health services to millions of women and families, has moved proactively to embrace the web and social media, with striking results. Its YouTube channel has ... Learn More

After SOPA/PIPA: Where the Left/Right Online Alliance Goes Next

March 15, 2012

David Segal and Patrick Ruffini

On January 18, a cross-partisan coalition of net activists helped galvanize a massive outpouring of online opposition to the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA). At the center of those efforts were David Segal and ... Learn More

How The Web is Changing TV News

March 8, 2012

Christina Bellantoni

The traditional world of TV news is being transformed by two-way social media, real-time interaction and bottom-up reporting. With Christina Bellantoni, the politics editor for PBS NewsHour, we'll discuss how newsrooms are experimenting ... Learn More

How Grassroots Conservatives Tap the Power of Open Networks

February 23, 2012

Martin Avila

Every day, some 150,000 grassroots conservatives go online to connect with each other locally and around common concerns through Freedom Connector, a social network hosted by Freedom Works. On this call, we'll talk with Martin Avila, the ... Learn More

Building the Digitally Networked Civic Arena, a Progress Report

February 10, 2012

Rachel Haot

Continuing our ongoing conversation about how cities using open data and embracing open collaboration are fueling the rise of we-government, on this call we checked in with Rachel Sterne, New York City's first-ever chief digital officer, ... Learn More

How the Internet is Transforming Politics at the Organizational Level

February 2, 2012

David Karpf

As traditional bricks-and-mortar advocacy groups face the challenge of declining membership levels and reduced receipts from direct mail, a new breed of lightweight, nimble, net-driven groups are rising to the fore. Dave Karpf has seen the ... Learn More

How to Use Twitter for Political Advocacy

January 19, 2012

Adam Sharp

Everyone in politics seems to have a Twitter account today, but who is using it well? On this call, we dug in with Twitter's Adam Sharp, who is spearheading the company's growing Washington presence. Learn More

Reinventing Local Democracy in the Digital Age

January 12, 2012

Conor White-Sullivan

Is it possible to take the best of New England's face-to-face town hall meetings, where neighbors gather to debate and decide on critical local issues, and translate that conversation into an online community? That's the question explored ... Learn More

How Chicago is Using Data to Make Life Better

January 5, 2012

John Tolva

The cutting edge of open data and collaborative government has always been at the city level, starting with pioneering work by Washington DC CTO Vivek Kundra several years ago. Now bigger cities like New York, San Francisco and Boston are ... Learn More

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