Grazyna Kopinska

Director, Stefan Batory Foundation Anti-Corruption Program

Grazyna Kopinska
A Polish expert on transparency and counter corruption. Since 1989 (year of the system transformation in Poland) she gained over 20-years of experience in non-governmental sector working at first as a director of the Support Program for Small and Medium Enterprises affiliated with the Foundation of Support of Local Democracy (1992 – 1996) and later as the Central European Consultant of the Ford Foundation (1996 – 1999). She worked for 2 years as a member of the High Level Group on Anticorruption facilitated by the World Bank Warsaw Office and she was a member of National Council on Public Procurement.

In 2000, she launched Anti-Corruption Program at the Stefan Batory Foundation, which she has been running until now. The main goal of the Program is to rebuild society’s trust to public institutions and to counteract corruption. Under Anti-Corruption Program several campaigns, educational activities, monitoring of governmental institutions and advocacy projects have been accomplished; such as: trainings to Local Civic Groups and annual Corruption barometer.

Grażyna Kopińska chairs the work of a Civic Forum on Legislation, a working group of 23 representatives of civil society organizations, think-thanks, donors, lawyers & research institutions that coordinates their advocacy work on increasing the transparency of legislative process in Poland.
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