Jennifer Green

Director of Research, Civis Analytics

Jennifer Green
Jennifer is the Director of Research at Civis Analytics, a leading data science firm that helps organizations understand and act on their data to target resources.

Before joining Civis, Jennifer was the Executive Director of the Analyst Institute where she ran an applied lab of social scientists engaged in the design and execution of the largest political research portfolio of randomized controlled field experiments in existence. During her tenure at AI she has been credited with turning experimentation from a esoteric and fringe concept to a mainstream practice in politics.

Building research into programs to evaluate and optimize efforts has been a nonstop obsession. In graduate school, she conducted large-scale field experiments in India that sought to increase voting among marginalized groups and build a stronger citizenry by educating rural villagers on policy and the electoral process. Before attending graduate school to specialize in experimental methodology, Jennifer worked at the Carter Center to design the evaluation protocols for United Nations human rights missions and to safeguard elections in West Africa. She has also served as a fellow in the Science and Technology Directorate of Homeland Security, where she has worked on protocols to evaluate response policies for emergencies and natural disasters.


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