Jeremy Bird

Founding Partner, 270 Strategies

Jeremy Bird
Jeremy Bird is a founding partner at 270 Strategies and a longtime grassroots organizer with broad experience across domestic and international politics, labor, and policy. He helped launch 270 Strategies after serving most recently as the National Field Director for the 2012 re-election campaign of President Barack Obama, where he had primary responsibility for building a nationwide army of staff and volunteer organizers. He is credited with helping establish a ground game and turnout machine that in 2012 “reproduced – through brute force, dedication and will – a turnout in the swing states that in some cases bested the campaign's remarkable performance of four years ago.”

Jeremy has played a number of key leadership roles in support of President Obama since 2007 – including serving as the South Carolina Field Director in the 2007-08 primary campaign and as the Ohio General Election Director in 2008. As the National Deputy Director of Organizing for America – the grassroots organization born out of the 2008 campaign – he was also central to some of the Obama Administration’s most historic policy achievements between 2009-2011, including the Affordable Care Act and Wall Street Reform. Across these roles, Jeremy helped create and implement the Obama campaign’s neighborhood team organizing model – an approach which transformed organizing in presidential politics by merging people-focused, community organizing with empowering and inclusive digital technology and cutting-edge data analytics.
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