John Lee


John Lee
John Lee is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and a member of the executive team at NGP VAN, the leading provider of technology to Democrats and progressive organizations. Prior to the merger of NGP and VAN in 2011, John led Voter Activation Network as its Chief Operating Officer, guiding the growth of the organization while managing high profile projects such as VAN’s integration with Blue State Digital for the Obama campaign’s Neighbor-to-Neighbor program.

Subsequent to the merger, John is aiding in the vision and execution of NGP VAN’s innovative new Social Organizing product, which allows supporters of a campaign to match their Facebook friends to the voter file and claim responsibility for them. Tech President writes that this tool “has the potential to change the way campaigns work.” John is also focused on NGP VAN’s mobile technology strategy via MiniVAN, continuing on the mission that VAN started when it first moved campaigns from paper based electoral rolls and district maps to the digital age.


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