Kenyatta Cheese

Co-Founder/Creative Director, Everybody at Once

Kenyatta Cheese
Kenyatta Cheese is a professional internet enthusiast best known for co-creating the web series and internet meme database Know Your Meme, often cited as the go-to resource for tracking and understanding internet culture.

Kenyatta is also a creative technologist having pioneered early work in online video, activist media, and art and technology. He created some of the web’s first videoblogs in Durban Diaries and BrowseTV, built operations and infrastructure for the first online video network in Rocketboom, created open source wireless backpack streaming technologies for protest and conflict zones with WiFiTV, and organized communities at the intersection of art, media, and technology at both Unmediated and the Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology.

Currently, Kenyatta is co-founder and Creative Director at Everybody at Once, a consultancy dedicated to audience development for media, entertainment, and sports where he develops and supports fan communities for shows like Doctor Who, Top Gear, and Orphan Black.


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