Laurie Segall

Tech Reporter, CNNMoney

Laurie Segall
Laurie Segall is a tech reporter for CNNMoney, covering the latest on social media, startups and breaking news in the tech world. She joined the CNNMoney team as a multimedia reporter, producing television and web content.

Before joining CNNMoney, she worked at CNN’s breaking news desk. In the fast-paced world of news, she covered everything from Bernard Madoff’s ponzi scheme to the financial crisis and the 2008 presidential election. She later joined the business team, producing both domestic and international segments before stepping in front of the camera to cover technology.

In late 2009, Laurie turned her attention to the technology realm, interviewing key figures as their businesses started gaining traction. Laurie’s nontraditional interviews include everything from a chat with Biz Stone in New York City’s East Village to coffee with Square founder Jack Dorsey and a panel discussion with the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir. She’s got an eye for discovering innovative companies and bringing their stories to the public. She was one of the first to interview Twitter’s now CEO Dick Costolo when he joined the company and she’d chatted with Foursquare’s founders before many had heard of the check-in crew.

When she’s not interviewing tech luminaries and featuring innovative tech on CNNMoney, Laurie is covering the economy and looking for ways to push the envelope. A reporter, producer, and writer, she’s always looking for a good story.


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