Manu Kabahizi

Emerging Tech Strategist, Purpose

Manu Kabahizi
Manu Kabahizi is the emerging tech strategist at Purpose. Manu brings more than a decade of experience working on various mobile application projects in areas of governance, public health and agriculture across Africa.

He has worked as a researcher and technology specialists with such organizations as the International Institute for Sustainable Development, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and National Democratic Institute. His work has been published by the UN and the Occupy movement. In his 12 year career in technology, Manu has worked on various mobile application projects in areas of civic engagement, public health and agriculture. Some of his work has been published by the UN while others have been showcased by the Occupy movement. For the last six months Manu has coordinated implementation of the tech infrastructure for the Rules, a movement challenging structural causes of poverty, and has overseen design and development of CrowdRing, a platform designed especially for activists in emerging economies.

He was born in Rwanda and graduated from the University of Cape Town, where he was one of the first black graduates from their prestigious computer science department.


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