Marek Tuszynski

Co-Founder and Creative Director, Tactical Tech

Marek Tuszynski
Marek Tuszynski is a restless producer of various creative and social interventions spanning various media: radio, television and internet, as well as analogue formats such as workshops, book sprints and endless conversations. Activism, innovation and creativity are major driving forces in his work, as much as the importance of marginalised voices, opinions and world views. He has co-founded a number of initiatives and organisations, such as The Second Hand Bank, International Contemporary Art Network, Tactical Tech and recently Tactical Studios. Marek is currently focusing on using visual formats in representing evidence to influence the course of social and political issues, while also working on the next documentary film for Tactical Tech, along with other animations. In his spare time he produces a radio program titled Love & Chaos on Reboot FM.
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