Mark Kaigwa

Partner, African Digital Art

Mark Kaigwa
Mark Kaigwa is a consultant, technologist and blogger based in Nairobi, Kenya. Technology continues to transform Africa; as reach grows on the continent, innovation is accelerated particularly by the mobile phone. Mark leads in advising brands, businesses and nonprofits aiming to impact the hundreds of millions across the connected continent. A multidisciplinary background with work across 10 Sub Saharan African countries forms his worldview. As the writer of an award-winning African videogame for Warner Bros. Interactive and work across film, new media and the mobile, Kaigwa's experiences have put him as a thought leader in Africa's emerging media industry. His most recent work leading digital advisory for "MamaYe" a 5 year campaign aimed at using information, advocacy and evidence to improve maternal and newborn survival in 6 Sub Saharan African countries.

His entrepreneurial exploits in online publishing have led to leadership roles at and respectively, contributing to their strategies and growth in their formative years.

A storyteller and speaker, Mark frequently gives keynotes, workshops and participates in regional and international discussions on technology, communication and mobile on the African continent.

He can be reached at and at
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