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Abbie Hoffman 2.0? A New Generation of Creative Troublemakers on the Web

June 07, 2012

Many of today's social movements have a creative new edge that’s blurring the boundaries between artist and activist, hacker and dreamer. On this call we'll delve into the tactics, action design principles, and theoretical frameworks that make creative campaigning successful with Andrew Boyd, a veteran troublemaker and co-editor of the new book Beautiful Trouble. Boyd helped create and run Billionaires for Bush (or Gore) back in 2000, a highly successful political satire project, and more recently co-created "The Other 98%," one of several precursors to the Occupy Wall Street movement. He's also one of the principals behind Agit Pop Communications, which frequently blends new media with boots on the ground street organizing to deliver powerful political messages. On this call we'll look at the nuts and bolts of making "beautiful trouble" and find out how Boyd and his fellow travelers use the Internet to punch above their weight.

About @andrewboyd

Andrew Boyd is the author of Beautiful Trouble, a “how-to-think” manual for creative action design. He's also a humorist and 25-year veteran of creative campaigns for social change. He led the decade-long satirical media campaign “Billionaires for Bush.” He’s a founding partner of Agit-Pop Communications, an award-winning subvertising agency serving the progressive netroots, and a co-founder of The Other 98%. He’s the author of two books of political humor, one creative action manual and a slew of articles on contemporary social movements. His alter-egos include Phil T. Rich, Brother Void, Mahatma Propagandhi, Captain John Early, Agent Chartreuse, and The Global Village Idiot but he chooses to live in New York under his real name. Until he comes up with his own lifelong ambition, he’s been cribbing Milan Kundera’s: “to unite the utmost serious of question with the utmost lightness of form.”

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