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The Big Data Secret That No One's Talking About - Yet

NYC: June 06, 2013

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Sara Critchfield is a founding staff member and Editorial Director at Upworthy.com, where she's currently having a ball! Upworthy, founded by Eli Pariser and Peter Koechley in March 2012, is social media with a mission: to draw attention to the issues that really matter by making them irresistibly shareable.

Sara is passionate about using technology, religion, design, advocacy, pop culture, and even the old-fashioned art of real-life conversation to pursue a more equitable society. In previous lives, Sara worked as the Community Manager at MoveOn.org, co-founded an intellectual property firm, worked on food security programs in Guatemala, and did lots of grassroots organizing for nonprofits in Washington DC. She holds a Master of Nonprofit Administration from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication from Drexel University.

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