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PDF FRANCE 2013 | "Au code, citoyens !"

Paris: June 13, 2013

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Code is a language that everybody use but few of us master.
It is however an extremely powerful changemaker, as we see every day thanks to people that get together to promote participation and social innovation and improve civic life.

Last June 13th, in Paris, Personal Democracy Forum France 2013 explored the theme with its third event, “Au Code, Citoyens!” (“To Code, Citizens!”),
The conference gathered decisionmakers that are enabling the digital revolution in government as well as innovative citizens and professionals that are a part of it in civil society.

PDF France 2013 the speakers debated movements mobilization, like in the case of the Italian 5 Stars Movement, as well as civil rights campaigns, like #mariagepourtous (“marriage for everybody”), the campaign to promote marriage equality in France.
Conversations were focused on strategies, tools and how civic hackers are using them to pressure governments and hold them accountable.
What are the results of those first attempt? What will be the future role of civic hackers?

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