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PDF France Special Event: US Presidential Election Debrief

La Gaité Lyrique, Paris: December 06, 2012

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“From Hope to Forward”: How Barack Obama has (again) reinvented digital campaigning

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Barack Obama was reelected on November 6th. On December 6th, PDF France sought to understand his digital campaign with the help of its main strategists.

How did Obama for America make the DNC the party of effective campaigning? How is collaborative work organized inside the campaign? Is data the secret? How has field organizing been transformed by technology?

This Personal Democracy France special event was located at La Gaite Lyrique, with four key players from the OFA campaign:

Betsy Hoover,
Digital Organizing Director

Catherine Bracy,
San Francisco Techfield Office Manager

Ethan Roeder,
Obama for America Data Director

Teddy Goff,
Obama for America Digital Director

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