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PDF PL-CEE 2013 | Jakub Górnicki

Warsaw: February 01, 2013

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Jakub builds communities. He formerly did it for British and German startups. Then he started to create community around Sourcefabric, an open source software producer for professional media.

Jakub is also a journalist. As a media consultant, in the past three years he's helped various media outlets in Georgia (tspress.ge, liberali.ge, netgazeti.ge, and seven others), Turkey (taraf.com.tr) and West Africa (wacsi.org). He teaches new media and blogging, and was named one of the most influential bloggers in Poland in 2012.

As Operations Director at ePF, he combines those skills to make ePF and its services trustworthy, transparent and community driven.

He always puts citizens first.

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