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Watch the Archive - From the Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street and Beyond

NYU Kimmel Center, 10th Floor, 60 Washington Square South New York, NY 10012: December 12, 2011

A flash conference presented by Personal Democracy Media, in partnership with The Engage Network and NYU ITP:

Watch the Archive

Across America and the world, millions of people are entering the public arena and, using social and collaborative media, forming powerful new networks for change. The result is a rising wave of challenges to the political order that are expanding the boundaries of political discourse and forcing new issues into the conversation. At this event, we heard from leading organizers and observers of these new movements, and explored questions like:

  • Are these movements leaderless, or leaderfull? And either way, how do they make decisions?
  • Are these movements working within the system or trying to create a new one?
  • Getting co-opted: A danger or a sign that you’re winning?
  • Is a group still its own worst enemy?
  • New media and over-communication: how do these movements manage the cacophony they help create?
  • Is networked democracy to top-down politics what citizen media is to broadcast media?


Ori Brafman, co-author, The Starfish and the Spider
Beka Economopolous, organizer, Occupy Wall Street
Marianne Manilov, co-founder, The Engage Network
Mark Meckler, co-founder, Tea Party Patriots
Jessica Shearer, faith and labor organizer, Occupy Wall Street
Clay Shirky, NYU, author, Here Comes Everybody
Zeynep Tufekci, University of North Carolina
moderated by Micah L. Sifry and Andrew Rasiej, Personal Democracy Media

Event hashtag: #PDMteaows

Press inquiries only: press@personaldemocracy.com

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