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Thirty Staffers and No Office: How to Make the Virtual Organization Work, the MoveOn Model

October 08, 2009

Guest: Daniel Mintz, Campaign Director, MoveOn.org

About @danielmintz

Daniel Mintz is the Campaign Director at MoveOn overseeing work on economic campaigns. He previously directed MoveOn's research and analytics efforts. He's worked with MoveOn since 2005, and in 2006, was responsible for creating MoveOn's Support Corps--a group of 200 supervolunteers who responded to more than 45,000 requests for tech support during the midterm elections. In 2008, Daniel ran the advertising contest "Obama in 30 Seconds," and headed MoveOn's merchandising efforts, distributing more than 8 million t-shirts, stickers, buttons and posters.

Daniel has an MS in Multimedia Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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