Nanjira Sambuli

iHub Nairobi

Nanjira Sambuli
Nanjira Sambuli is a Research Manager at iHub, Nairobi, where she leads the Governance & Technology research pillar. Nanjira is trained as a mathematician with experience as a new media strategist for organizations such as UNEP, UN HABITAT, Africans Act 4 Africa, Global Power Shift, on their pan-African and international campaigns. With iHub Research, Nanjira has developed a framework for assessing the Viability, Verification, and Validity of Crowdsourcing, an online dangerous speech monitoring project, Umati, currently running in Kenya and Nigeria, and a publication on ICT and Governance (Civic Tech Landscape) in East Africa . Nanjira is also the editor of Innovative Africa: The new face of Africa, a series of essays on the emerging African tech landscape. Nanjira also sits on the Advisory Board (Africa) for Sum of Us, and is also a board member at Kenya's Media Policy Research Centre, with whom she has published a working paper on the changing media landscape in the country as impacted by social media. Nanjira is also a recent addition to the Networked News Lab, that brings together journalists, researchers and thought leaders in Kenya to support research,dialogue and innovation in news media.
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