Nicolas Sadirac

Director, 42

Nicolas Sadirac
Nicolas is passionate about teaching and is one of France's main actors of the "active learning" field. Noting that "learning by doing" is a source of pleasure and fosters a superior performance among students, in 1999 he created and led Epitech, an enterprise that became the epitome of excellence for IT learning in France.

A fierce opponent of an educational system he knows by heart (he studied at Henri IV, Stanford, EPITA HEC) but that failed to reinvent itself and identify the true digital talents, Nicolas looks further with the creation of 42. 42 is free school open to all talents, but also a peer-to-peer school with no limits in its future development.

As part of the international hacking world and founder of companies specialized in computer security, Nicolas invites young people to work on the borders: being non-aligned to power, disruptive, highly committed to sharing.


June 14, 2014
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