PdF EU: Facing the Challenge

Personal Democracy Forum is the world’s leading conference exploring and analyzing technology's impact on politics and government.
Full Agenda Announced Here.
Now in its seventh year in the US and its second year in Europe, PdF brings together the top opinion makers, political practitioners, technologists, and journalists from across the ideological spectrum to network, exchange ideas, and explore how technology and the Internet are changing politics, democracy, and society. This year’s European event will be again held in Barcelona and will be on October 4-5. The conference will combine plenary talks and one-on-one conversations with leading thinkers and players in the field each morning, followed by afternoon breakout sessions on more focused topics and hands-on skills-development sessions, ending with a major closing plenary panel each day.

"The gathering may have been the highest concentration of amazingly creative and concerned global citizens I have ever been around. There were lots of people saying, 'So I did this, this, and this, and now I’m working on doing this, this, and this and we should collaborate ...' They were all continually trying to use the new technologies to serve human purposes. In other words, it was my kind of crowd."
-Michael Wesch, Author and PdF '09 keynoter

Who Attends PdF?
Confirmed speakers include...
Stephen Clark
Webmanager, European Parliament (Belgium)
, Webmanager, European Parliament (Belgium)
Guilhem Fouetillou
CEO of Linkfluence (France)
, CEO, Linkfluence (France)
Martin Gelin
Web Strategist, Socialdemokraterna (Sweden)
, Web Strategist for Socialdemokraterna (Sweden)
Jeremy Heimans
, Purpose
Stefan Hennewig
Head of Marketing and Communications, CDU (Germany)
, Head of Marketing and Communications for CDU (Germany)
Birgitta Jonsdottir
MP, IMMI (Iceland)
, MP, IMMI (Iceland)
Bente Kalsnes
Communication Advisor, Origo (Norway)
, Communication Advisor, Origo (Norway)
Hakon Wium Lie
Chief Technology Officer, Opera Software (Norway)
, Chief Technology Officer, Opera Software (Norway)
Christopher Mikkelsen
Co-Founder, Refunite.org (Denmark)
, Co-Founder, Refunite.org (Denmark)
Evgeny Morozov
Contributing Editor, Foreign Policy (USA)
, Contributing Editor, Foreign Policy (USA)
Alec Ross
Senior Advisor for Innovation, Department of State
, enior Advisor for Innovation, Department of State
Marko Rakar
Political Blogger, Pollitika.com (Croatia)
, Political Blogger, Pollitika.com (Croatia)
Marietje Schaake
Member of the European Parliament, D66 (Netherlands)
, Member of the European Parliament, D66 (Netherlands)
Benoit Thieulin
Founder, La Netscouade (France)
, Founder, La Netscouade (France)
John Tolva
Director of Citizens and Technology, IBM (USA)
, Director of Citizens and Technology, IBM (USA)
Constantijn van Orange-Nassau
Senior Advisor in the Cabinet of Neelie Kroes and European Commissioner for the EU's Digital Agenda
, Senior Advisor in the Cabinet of Neelie Kroes and European Commissioner for the EU's Digital Agenda
Randi Zuckerberg
Marketing Director, Facebook
, Marketing Director, Facebook

Plus many more..

With Europe wrestling with the economic downturn and changes in ruling coalitions in several major countries, the time is ripe to explore how citizens and governments alike are using new interactive communications technologies to address critical problems and do more with less. Topics we will cover include the government transparency movement, smarter cities, do-it-yourself citizen initiatives, internet freedom, civic hacking and the impact of the mobile internet on the digital divide. We will also make sure to devote time to ongoing themes of PdF - like the ways that political campaigns and activist organizations are using the web to win elections and legislative fights to the ways that political media systems are changing and hybridizing in the new online environment. More detailed agenda information here.
PdF EU 2010 will be held at the 550 year old University of Barcelona.

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