Rod Falcon

Program Director; Technology Horizons, Institute for the Future

Rod Falcon
Rod currently leads IFTF’s Technology Horizons team. With a deep background in public health policy, he has served in several different capacities at IFTF since 1995, including leading theFood and Health programs and directing research for the Technology Horizons program. In the course of his work, Rod speaks to executive audiences and helps them find innovative strategies for participating in the global economy. His research focus areas have included personal health technologies, communication and messaging practices in the workplace and home, social networks and abundant connectivity, and health-aware environments.

Born in Oakland, California, in a time and place of great social change, Rod attended nearby UC Berkeley to better understand what was happening. There he earned a BA in American history and a master’s of public policy. After working one summer enforcing the Voting Rights Act for the Justice Department, Rod realized that public policy was not as future oriented as it might be and was inspired to do something about it. He came to IFTF to forecast the future of the California health care safety net and ended up staying on.


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