Sarah Henry

User Experience Strategist, Accela

Sarah Henry
Currently, Sarah works as a User Experience Strategist for Accela, helping to design civic and government technology. Alongside working on digital products for the public sector, Sarah advocates for designing data-driven systems with emotional data and human-centered design.

She received her MFA in Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts and has worked with organizations such as The New York Times, Columbia University, The Santa Monica Public Library, Tribeca Film Institute, and General Electric.

In 2015 Sarah created Civic View, an experiment in emotional data, combining video, GPS, interview transcripts, and biometric data to provide a window into the deeply personal experiences that residents have in their public space. She has also worked on open data initiatives, in particular with the Civic Innovation Lab in Los Angeles.

Sarah is also a public speaker and workshop facilitator. She recently presented on emotional data at Interaction16 in Helsinki. She has also presented at Lincoln Center in New York City and traveled throughout the US and Europe to help folks better understand how to creatively incorporate emotional data into their designs.


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