Sarah Lai Stirland

Senior Writer, techPresident

Sarah Lai Stirland
Sarah Lai Stirland is techPresident's senior writer in San Francisco. She's a veteran legal affairs, business and politics reporter, having covered these subjects for more than 15 years. Her work has appeared in the nation's most recognized media outlets, which include: Bloomberg Wealth Manager, Business 2.0, CNN, Congress Daily, Good Housekeeping, National Journal, National Public Radio's On The Media, The New York Post, POLITICO,, Red Herring, The Village Voice, and's widely-read Threat Level, one of Time's favorite 25 blogs. Her leading coverage of the historic 2008 presidential campaign and its unprecedented reliance on social media to influence the race at was on the daily bookmark list of television and radio producers around the world. She can be reached at: Follow her on Twitter @LaiStirland.


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