Tracy Dennis-Tiwary

Professor of Psychology, Hunter College

Tracy Dennis-Tiwary
Tracy Dennis-Tiwary is a researcher in psychology and neuroscience who is passionate about using science to drive the digital mental health revolution. She has translated two decades of her research on the anxious brain and the impact of emotions on health into the development of clinically-validated digital mental health tools. Her stress-reduction app Personal Zen has been featured in media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, CBS, CNN, NPR, Huffington Post, Bloomberg Television, and Lifehacker. Her work in mindfulness-based stress reduction in at-risk youth is the topic of the documentary film “Changing Minds at Concord High.” She explores ideas about growing up and growing old in the digital age in her blog Psyche’s Circuitry and on Medium. She is director of the Hunter College Stress, Anxiety, and Resilience Research Center.
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