PdF Evening Salon | Online Advertising in the 2010 Elections | September 15th

PdF Evening Salon | Online Advertising in the 2010 Elections | September 15th

BY amosbuhai | Sunday, August 15 2010

While much has been made of the ability to use the Internet to raise money, circulate petitions and drive voters to a campaign’s website, can online advertising build a candidate's name recognition, favorability and increase turnout? How do we know if it is effective and how is it being used in today's mid-term elections?

Michael Bassik, Senior V.P. of Digital at the, Global Strategy Group (GSG) Andrew Roos, Account Executive at Google Elections & Issue Advocacy, and Shawn Riegsecker, Founder and President of Centro discuss the effectiveness of online advertising in the 2010 elections.

They discuss the findings of a case study they partnered on involving the 2010 California Democratic Primary for Attorney General. In the primary GSG, in partnership with Google and Centro, tested the effectiveness of online advertising by employing an experimental design in Chris Kelly’s online advertising campaign. They did a live, in-market test, in which voters in the Palm Springs media market were exposed to both television and online advertising, while voters in the Santa Barbara media market were exposed to television advertising only, this allowed them to measure the incremental impact that online advertising campaign had on a host of measures, including favorability, recall and ultimately vote share.

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