Vitaly Vlasov

Founder and Chairman, Open City Foundation

Vitaly Vlasov

Vitaly Vlasov is a founder and chairman of Open City Foundation (ex Open and Future Web Foundation) which is a St.Petersburg-based non-profit citizen organization. Our mission is to bring openness and transparency of government data in Russia by involving citizen society, developers, activists and building local community. Vitaly is a PhD candidate at National Research University of information technologies, mechanics and optics, web developer, expert in social media, technology entrepreneur and opinion leader in Open Data and Open Government in Russia. Founder of Open Data Hackathon in St.Petersburg since 2012, local representative of CityCamp movement, co-founder of geolocation game platform Playcer.

His mission is to connect modern technologies, citizen society, government to update our cities and change the way how they can communicate. Vitaly is also an evangelist, public speaker and totally interested in wikinomics, social networks, internet of things, smart cities and how technologies can change the world. You can see him on Twitter regularly.


March 13, 2014
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